We could all use some time just to pause, reflect and nurture ourselves.

Simply Thrive workshops and retreats are designed to do just that, and SO much more.. With a real focus on the holistic view of coaching, mindset and wellbeing, these events are a tonic for the soul as well as the body and mind.

 Simply Thrive workshops run regularly. Keep checking back to find additional events or make sure you’re subscribed to receive Simply Thrive emails below.

Monthly workshops in ‘The Shack’ at Altrincham market from september 2019. Details below and by clicking here


Self-care for busy people

Are you feeling stretched, burned out, exhausted, and know you need to address the balance in your life? Perhaps you recognise that you put other's needs ahead of your own and rarely take time to invest in your own wellbeing... Maybe you know you need to look after yourself better but are short of ideas about just how to make it happen. This workshop centres on the benefits of prioritising ourselves as highly as we do everything else. The argument for self-care, what that looks like, making time for self-care, and self-care activities to consider will all be discussed - so you can make positive and meaningful choices about looking after yourself and feeling well in your busy life.


Finding your purpose

Are you feeling stuck, trapped, a sense of uncertainty or like you're lost or in 'limbo'? Perhaps you feel unfulfilled, or dissatsified with where you find yourself in life. Maybe you have recently experienced a significant change in circumstances, have a change coming up, or would like to make some adjustments? This workshop is aimed at anyone who feels they are stuck or who may be facing a significant difference in life circumstances (eg retirement/ children leaving home/relocation/considering a new role or change in career). Our sense of purpose in life (called ‘Ikigai’ in Japan) is something that is well recognised as bringing huge health and wellbeing benefits. Finding our sense of purpose and creating opportunities to live our purpose is fundamental to our self esteem and satisfaction with life. This workshop will examine what our sense of purpose is and how to find it if you’re feeling at a crossroads.


Letting go of judgement

Do you want to feel confident and content but are aware of how much you judge others, or that you frequently feel defensive and judged yourself? Maybe you recognise the internal discomfort that comes with experiencing life through the judgement lens? This workshop takes a frank look at judgement - where our judgement comes from, what it really means for us, why we need to let go, and how to release judgment so we can live a life that is freer, less inhibited and more in tune with what we really want.

Simply Thrive retreats offer a treat for mind, body and spirit.

With a strong emphasis on self-development, positive action and natural space and complete restoration, our retreats are in high demand. We source the best local food designed to optimise wellbeing, meet in stunning locations that make the best of our natural surroundings, deliver high impact group and personal coaching and mix in huge doses of honesty, human spirit, love and humour to boot. We’d love you to join us on our next retreat and keep an active waiting list so do get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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